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How is Pain and Suffering Calculated After a Car Accident?

 How is Pain and Suffering Calculated After a Car Accident?

Recovering Non-Economic Damages Following an Accident

Becoming severely injured at the hands of another person can leave you with many questions. While most victims understand that they can recover damages for the physical injuries and their costs, non-economic damages may also be obtained to account for your mental anguish. In Louisiana, you are able to seek compensation for pain and suffering endured as a result of a car accident.

What Gets Factored In?

Putting a price on your pain and suffering can seem daunting, but multiple physical and mental ailments may be factored into it depending on how they affect your life. For example, physical impacts that may significantly affect you long-term, like disability and disfigurement, chronic pain, or loss of function, can fall into this category for damages. Likewise, mental disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD or even general loss of enjoyment or companionship are classified under pain and suffering.

It’s crucial to understand what can be calculated under this umbrella, because even if there are no further medical costs associated with the accident, physical and mental effects remain. Working with an attorney will ensure that you can accurately account for these potentially life-long impacts, future treatments, or lifestyle changes that need to be made as a result.

Is There a Maximum Limit?

Fortunately, the state of Louisiana does not put a maximum payout limit on non-economic damages like pain and suffering. This means that your attorney can fight for the compensation needed to help you for years to come.

New Orleans Car Accident Attorneys

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