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Attorney Justin M. Chopin Represents Client in Slip & Fall Case

Attorney Justin M. Chopin and the entire team here at The Chopin Law Firm, LLC is proud to represent Deborah Parker, our client who slipped and fell
in a local T. J. Maxx store, suffering serious injuries in the process. According to Ms. Parker, the incident occurred on June 5th of last year, when she slipped and fell in a puddle of water that was left standing on the smooth floors in the store, and which was not properly guarded, blocked off, or properly indicated to potential people passing by.Our plaintiff is seeking all applicable reasonable damages as well as court costs, attorney’s fees, and appropriate relief under the law. We
filed the complaint against TJX Companies, Magnolia Market Place, LLC, and Zurich American Insurance Co. on May 22nd, alleging negligence on behalf of these parties. The case was filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court, and has been assigned to Division C. Judge Sydney H. Cates, IV.We’re proud to stand by our client during this case, and we will continue to fight for her best interests and right to compensation forher injuries after this painful incident.

About Slip & Fall Cases

Falls are one of the most common injuries causes each and every year. Whether it’s on the job, walking down the street, or even in a retail establishment like this case with our client is, it’s not uncommon for victims to sustain potentially serious and life-changing injuries. When you are on someone else’s property and slip or trip and fall, suffering injuries, you may have the right to compensation through what are known as “premises liability” laws. Premises liability laws essentially state that property owners have a duty to protect the safety of those who are invited to their property, either through expressed invitationor implied.

When you have been injured after slipping and falling, you may have the right to compensation. In the case of this particular incident, our client is alleging that the store’s failure to clean the water puddle violated their duty to ensure the safety of their customers, and thus was an example of negligence. Because of this negligence, our client was injured through no fault of her own, and thus she has the right to compensation for the serious injuries she suffered as a result of the incident.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall incident, call The Chopin Law Firm, LLC today at (504) 475-2429 to request a case evaluation and learn more about your rights!