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Why You Should Avoid Recorded Statements After a Crash

Making Your Claims Process Smoother

You’ve likely heard an attorney say that you should avoid making any written or recorded statements after a car crash since it can negatively affect your insurance claim. This is a common occurrence and is something that can hinder your ability to receive the compensation you may be entitled to. Here are a few things to consider to help you better understand why these statements should be avoided.

Knowing the Severity of Your Injuries

It’s not uncommon for these statements to be requested by an officer at the scene of your crash or from the insurance company shortly after. When making a recorded or written statement in these moments, you likely have yet to visit a doctor to properly assess the extent of your injuries. Without knowing what treatment plan may be needed or if further tests need to be run, you undervalue your claim by acting prematurely.

It Can Be Damaging to Your Claim

Anything you say in a written or recorded statement can and will be used against your claim. Should you have admitted to even partial fault, downplayed the severity of your injuries, or have inconsistencies among the statements being given to multiple parties, the insurance company can use this to their advantage and undervalue or deny your claim.

Additionally, if you are undergoing a personal injury lawsuit against another individual, their defense team could use your statement during a trial or as a means to not offer a settlement.

Your Right to an Attorney

You should never provide a written or recorded statement without first speaking with an attorney or having them present. If an insurance company calls you for a statement, politely decline until you have had an opportunity to seek legal counsel. This can help you avoid misrepresenting what occurred during the accident and your injuries.

How The Chopin Law Firm LLC Can Help

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