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Richard “Dick” Chopin Joins The Chopin Law Firm PLLC

The Chopin Law Firm is excited to welcome its newest member, Richard “Dick” Chopin to the firm.Dick ChopinDick is one of the pre-eminent attorneys in the entire Gulf South. He has represented his clients in the smallest courthouses in southern Louisiana as effectively and professionally as he has in England and Belgium. Quite simply, there are few better lawyers out there. Dick has tried well over 100 jury trials and so many bench trials that he does not even bother to keep count.A fearless and powerful advocate, Dick is the warrior clients need on their side when everything is on the line, whether it be significant personal injury litigation, a domestic matter, or a large casualty case. Dick was admitted to the Bar in Louisiana in 1973 and Texas in 1997. He has extensive experience in virtually all types of litigation and is recognized locally and nationally as one of the best trial lawyers. He is well respected for his skills, ethics and professionalism and has consistently been selected for the highest possible ratings in all areas by his peers.

On a personal note, Dick has been both a loving father and great mentor. We are very happy to have him on our team.