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Justin M. Chopin Represents Daddy’s Hands Construction in Lawsuit

Dick Chopin

Our own Attorney Justin M. Chopin of The Chopin Law Firm LLC is representing Daddy’s Hands Construction LLC in a lawsuit filed against Big Brass Properties LLC, Christopher Seth Dunlap, and Roa R. Dunlap in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court. Our team is working diligently to pursue justice for our client, a general contractor, who did not receive payment from the homeowner after completing a full renovation.

The plaintiff and our legal team claim that Daddy’s Hands Construction LLC filed invoices to the defendants, but the defendants failed to make payments for the open account of more than $17,000.00. For this reason, Big Brass Properties LLC, Christopher Seth Dunlap, and Roa R. Dunlap are being accused unjust enrichment and breach of contract. Our client and legal team are seeking $17,975.61 in damages.

Understanding Unjust Enrichment

Unjust enrichment occurs when an individual or entity gains something beneficial that is not intended to be a gift and in not legally justifiable, without offering any type of compensation in a circumstance where compensation should be expected.

For unjust enrichment, the elements of a cause of action include:

  • The enrichment of the individual or entity accused of unjust enrichment
  • The enrichment was at the expense of the individual or entity seeking restitution
  • The circumstances were such that in good conscience and equity restitution should be made

In addition, the accused party must be aware that the benefit is conferred.

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