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What To Do If Your Home or Business Was Damaged by Hurricane Ida

What To Do If Your Home or Business Was Damaged by Hurricane Ida


Our first reaction is to do whatever we can to get our home or business fixed. The problem is that when we make knee-jerk decisions, desperate to reopen, we can fall victim to either unscrupulous contractors or insurers. Instead, you should approach repairs in careful, calm, and calculated manner. Imagine if you woke up one day and decided to replace your roof. Would you hire someone going door to door? Likely not. You would ask around, contact the Better Business Bureau and get multiple quotes. Hurricane damage is no different.

SECOND: Take as many pictures as you can.

Take video if you need to. Save every receipt! In short, document everything. Do not just throw away damaged clothes, make a list, write down the brand, make, model, etc. and take a photo. And, do that with everything.

THIRD: “Mitigate your Damages”

What does that mean? That means you need to put a tarp (“blue roof”) on the roof to your home or business if your roof was damaged by Hurricane Ida. You will want to do that before the damage gets worse. So, anything that you can to do that may lessen or alleviate further damage to your home, you should try to do.

FOURTH: Now it is time to call your insurance company.

Get your claim number, get the name of the desk adjuster and his or her phone, fax, and email. Try to communicate in writing as best as you can. And, if you are unhappy with what the adjuster is telling you:

FIFTH: Consult with a property damage attorney.

We can often help by sending a different adjuster (called a “Public Adjuster”) or an estimator to your home or business. That person works for you and not your insurance company. That is the only way to truly know how much damage to your home or business sustained.