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Social Media’s Impact on Your Personal Injury Claim

Your Personal Injury Claim

In this digital age we live in, if you’re not on social media you’re considered an outsider. Social media gives us the ability to connect with our friends and family all across the world. We have the ability to share anything we want about ourselves for the whole world to see.

As amazing as this technology is, there are some downsides to be careful of. The biggest one relating to a personal injury claim is the fact that what you post online can be misinterpreted and used against you and your claim.

While social media has the ability to bring about many good things, using it during your personal injury claim may be the worst thing you can do.

If you say something on social media that goes against your case.

Checking In

Checking in on social media allows you to show your followers where you are. This is a great tool, however, can be seen in a different light when relating to your injury claim. For instance, if you claim you are experiencing crippling pain and then check in at the gym that can be seen as a huge red flag for insurance companies, meaning you weren’t as injured as you stated.

Social media posts can also show what you are capable of doing following an accident. For example, if you post an image of your children out for a hike, the insurance company may use this as evidence stating that you were the person taking the picture. Thus, you weren’t as injured as stated because of the fact that you were out on a hike with your children.


Even if you’re sure you aren’t posting anything that will make your case worse, what others comment on your social media can hurt your case. Anything relating to your claim may be used against you.

These comments can include:

  • How much compensation you were expecting to receive
  • Contradicting your injury claims
  • Explaining events that took place (going camping, going to the gym, etc)

What If I’m Extra Careful?

You may believe you can still use social media during your personal injury case, especially after reading what not to do. However, you never know how your social media posts may be seen in the light of another individual, especially those trying to prove your case wrong.

All too often we hear people state that they didn’t know what they posted could even be seen in a negative light or used against them.

What Can I Do?

While you are in the process of dealing with your personal injury claim, the best thing you can do with social media is nothing. Literally, nothing. The less information you have online during your process, the better. Be sure to ask friends and family to not mention, tag photos of you, or speak about you until your case is fully taken care of.

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