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New Orleans Gastropub Closes Without Paying Employees

Dick Chopin

Capdeville, a gastropub located in the Central Business District, went out of business last month without ever paying the wages it owed to its workers. According to the employees who worked there, “We all saw it kind of coming.” Giana Chauppette, Capdeville’s former bar manager said, “Pay checks had been bouncing since February.”

Chauppette has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor and hopes she can get some of the wages that weren’t paid to her compensated. She has saved the bounced checks that Capdeville issued to her and her colleagues in a folder.

Jeff Loew, a former chef who worked at Capdeville until two months prior to it shutting down, said that owner Matt Alleman still owes him money for his labor.

As of now, Alleman has not returned any requests for comment.

Capdeville opened in 2010 and was one of the first New Orleans businesses to embrace the gastropub concept. Over the years the gastropub gained a reputation as a restaurant that takes food seriously.

The location was especially popular with employees working at nearby tech company start-ups. A sign on Capdeville’s door now informs people looking to attend “Hack Night” to go around the corner to Lucy’s.

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