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Millennial Parents: The Most Distracted Drivers?


Those born between 1981 and 1996 are known as Millennials, a generation notorious for their technological advances and adamant cellphone usage. When you ask active drivers who the most distracted, and essentially the “worst” drivers on the road are, you will probably hear the same answer from many—Millennials. Millennials are now at the age where becoming a parent is a reality, and there have been studies done to compare the driving behaviors of Millennial parents to older parents. This leaves only one question,

“Are Millennials really the most distracted drivers?”

Distracted Parents

In a recent study done by Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), comparing Millennial parents to older generations, they found out that texting while driving was common among all parents involved. The only area Millennials scored higher was being more likely to read a text message, when compared to older parents. Regan Bergmark, MD, a sinus and endoscopic skull base surgeon at Brigham, states,

“We found that most parents, regardless of age, reported reading and writing texts while driving in the past month.”

This study raised awareness about just how dangerous distracted driving is because it has the ability to impact everyone driving, regardless of race, sex, age, or interests.

Bergmark then sheds light on the darker truth about distracted driving accidents by saying,

“My hope is that we can find solutions that prevent deaths and injuries from motor vehicle crashes; when patients arrive in our emergency departments and operating rooms, it is often too late.”

Accidents caused by distracted drivers can be catastrophic, due to the lack of attention from the distracted party. The worst thing about these accidents is that driving distracted is completely preventable. Dr. Bergmark ends with, “I think parents likely know the risks of distracted driving. More than half of parents surveyed said they believe they are safer drivers when their kids are in the car, and two-thirds said they use their phone less when they have their kids in the car.”

What Does This All Mean?

This study proves that distractions come in many forms, and have the ability to distract drivers of all ages. While Millennials often get the bulk of the blame for being the most distracted, other age groups are facing similar problems.

At the end of the day, distracted driving is something that an individual must choose to do. And by choosing to become distracted, they are committing a selfish act. They are putting their needs in front of the safety of others on the road. Distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions, because too many people believe they are above the law or believe, “I can text and drive, I’m good at multitasking.”

Chopin Law Knows there Is NO Excuse for Distracted Driving

At the Chopin Law Firm, our team of experienced New Orleans distracted driving accident attorneys has seen the way an accident caused by negligence can change lives. It is our mission to help ensure those who have been injured due to no fault of their own are able to recover the compensation they deserve to return to their pre-accident lifestyle.

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