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Is Medical Payments Coverage Necessary?

Is Medical Payments Coverage Necessary?

Deciding Which Insurance Coverage is Right for You

In addition to your standard automobile insurance policy that includes bodily injury and property damages, Louisiana drivers have the option to obtain policy additions for various circumstances. One of the most common of these is Medical Payments coverage (MedPay), used for any medical expenses from the driver or passengers regardless of fault in the collision.

Drivers will typically obtain this coverage for situations involving uninsured drivers because their liability coverage only applies to those in the other vehicle.

Do I Need MedPay?

Since MedPay is an optional policy, many drivers choose to forgo it or may not even realize it’s an option. To many, it may not seem like a necessary policy if they already have decent healthcare coverage or an expectation that the other at-fault driver in a collision will be responsible for paying medical expenses.

While a car accident attorney can help you achieve the latter, it may take an extended period of time depending on the circumstances, leaving you to pay for the expenses in the meantime. Because of this, MedPay can be a sound option for those looking to take care of these expenses quicker. Additionally, this policy is typically one of the least expensive coverages you can obtain, which is a plus for many drivers.

Who Does MedPay Cover?

Unlike some other policies, MedPay covers the medical expenses of multiple parties. The policyholder, any named drivers on their insurance, and any of their passengers can receive these benefits.

Who Can Benefit the Most from MedPay?

While who benefits the most from MedPay is not a clear-cut answer, there are several circumstances where someone may prefer to have this on their policy, including:

  • People with little or no healthcare coverage
  • Drivers with small children
  • People who frequently travel by car
  • People in areas with higher uninsured rates

Ultimately, whether medical payments coverage is necessary will rely primarily on you (the policyholder) and your driving habits.

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