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How Do I Accident-Proof My Home Before Summer?

During the summer months, you may have friends and family members coming over to spend quality time together. Whether you are planning a holiday celebration, a pool party, or a backyard barbecue, there are certain steps that you should take to keep your guests and your family members safe from certain hazards in or around your home.Here are some quick tips you can implement to accident-proof your home to make it safe and comfortable for everyone.


When guests arrive at your home, is there anything that could cause them to slip or trip? It’s important to remove any obstacles that could cause them to do so. You should check in every location around your residence, including your front yard, inside each room of your room, and your backyard, for hazards like:

  • Cracked or crumbling steps
  • Loose bricks or stones
  • Uneven floorboards
  • Cluttered floors
  • Exposed wires or cords
  • Slippery floors


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the warm night air and twinkling stars. But, having adequate lighting in all areas of your home can increase the safety of your guests. You may want to upgrade the lights around your home so your property has proper lighting. This may include:

  • Installing motion-sensor lights in outdoor areas, including the backyard or the walkway leading up to your house.
  • Replacing burned or dimmed light bulbs.
  • Installing LED lights on your ceiling fans.
  • Adding hanging lights along a fence outside for additional lighting.


A backyard pool promises endless fun for summer, but young children are at risk of unintentionally wandering near the edge, falling in, and even drowning. It’s crucial that you take steps to keep these young people out of harm’s way. If you have a pool in the backyard, here are some safety tips you should always implement:

  • Have a four-sided perimeter around the pool or spa.
  • The fence or gate lock around the pool should be child-proof.
  • Install pool safety alarms.
  • Put proper signage near the pool.
  • Have an emergency floatation device nearby.

You and every other property owner have a legal obligation to keep your home relatively free of hazards. With that said, if you are injured on another person’s property during the summer, you may have a legal right to file a premises liability claim through the individual’s homeowner insurance.

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