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Does My Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

Does My Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

Many homeowners in Louisiana understand the stress of obtaining insurance coverage for their property. With an annual possibility of severe damage caused by hurricanes, knowing what this coverage includes and whether it will be sufficient following a natural disaster is vital. Here’s how you can determine whether you have the appropriate hurricane coverage.

What’s Included in Homeowners Insurance?

Most homeowners and renters who need to obtain insurance should know that the policy will include some addendum for weather-related events more often than not. This means that, in most cases, the policy will protect against fires, wind, and hail. However, the most damaging part of hurricanes, flooding, is not always covered in a standard policy.

Because of this, a policy addition may need to be purchased to ensure that all damages are accounted for if a hurricane occurs. Furthermore, understanding whether this will also cover extended replacement costs like tree removal or roof repair is vital. If these necessary damages are not already covered in the obtained policy, additional coverage may need to be obtained.

Why Understanding Your Policy is Essential

Finding out after a hurricane that an insurance policy is not sufficient to cover the damages is never ideal. For this and many other reasons, homeowners and renters should thoroughly understand what is and isn’t included in their policy and get this information in writing. Having written documentation of what the policy includes can be an essential safeguard if the company acts in bad faith when it comes time to file a claim.

Hurricane Damage Claim? We Can Help.

The team at The Chopin Law Firm LLC is actively helping clients who have been affected by the recent Louisiana hurricanes. If you need assistance in appealing a claim denial or preparing and filing a claim, we can help you through the process. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling (504) 475-2429 or filling out this short form.