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CDC Says E-Cigarettes Should Not Be Used, Pending Death Investigation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially taken a hard stance against e-cigarette devices and vape pens. In a recent statement, the agency warned users to stop all usage of e-cigs while it investigates at least three reported user deaths and hundreds of user illnesses.According to the CDC, more than 200 e-cig and vape users told the CDC they had developed some form of lung disease after beginning e-cig use. Three people have passed away due to complications caused by their pulmonary diseases.However, the CDC is not yet certain that the pulmonary diseases were caused by vaping. There are many causes of lung disease, from hereditary asthma to poor workplace conditions. The common thread of e-cigarette use among the complaints is likely more than coincidence, though.

Multiple Compounds Could Be the Culprit

The CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are currently working with more than 120 medical samples from patients who were diagnosed with a pulmonary disease after e-cig use. The search for the direct cause is complicated due to the sheer number of chemicals that go into the average vape device. Everything from THC and nicotine to opioids and known toxins can be present in a vape pen. It may be the combination of multiple compounds is what is triggering the illnesses.

At this time, the CDC says it will consider a case “confirmed” if the patient has:

  • Used an e-cig frequently in the last three months
  • Chest abnormalities detectable by x-ray
  • No signs of bacterial, viral, or fungal infection

You can learn more about the CDC’s e-cig warning by

clicking here

and viewing a full article from PBS . If you have been diagnosed with a pulmonary disease after using an e-cig or vape device, you might be able to demand compensation from the product manufacturer. The Chopin Law Firm LLC assists clients throughout New Orleans and the surrounding area file claims and lawsuits against negligent companies and parties. Call (504) 475-2429 if you require our help for your e-cig lung disease claim.