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A Visit to a Trampoline Park Can Result in Serious Injury


Trampoline parks have become a very popular destination for families looking to have a uniquely fun experience with their children. There is of course a risk of injury at these establishments — most will make you sign a waiver before entering — but sadly, injuries resulting from a day of play at a trampoline park can be more severe than you may expect. Experts warn of the probability of life-altering, even fatal, injuries that can occur at a trampoline park.

Poorly designed facilities and a lack of any kind of safety oversight are to blame for the high risk of injury, reports CBS News. Gymnastics coach Don McPherson, who has “been an expert witness in more than 200 plaintiff cases against trampoline parks,” cites the layout of multiple, interconnected trampolines as a risk on its own. In conjunction with the thin padding that covers the trampoline links and walls in many of these parks, jumping can quickly turn dangerous, even deadly. McPherson stated that the speeds and transfer of high, concentrated energy involved in the use of interconnected trampolines can cause the jumping of one person to affect others in the form of a “double bounce.” The trampoline movement caused by one individual’s actions can essentially cause resulting waves of kinetic energy that result in other jumpers to lose control on extra-bouncy surfaces. Double bounces are a cause of many of these catastrophic injuries.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported a rise in trampoline-park-related emergency room visits since 2013, with 2,500 visits in that year increasing to 18,000 visits in 2017. At least six deaths have resulted from trampoline park injuries, but “that number could be even higher because many of those injured are often forced into arbitration and sign confidentiality agreements that stop them from speaking out.”

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As consumers, we trust companies to regulate the safety of their establishments so customers can enjoy a fun and worry-free experience. Unfortunately, the negligence of trampoline parks has caused too many families to know the pain and confusion that the serious injury of a loved one can cause.

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