Why You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident

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Three Benefits of Working with An Attorney

When injured in a car accident, it's not uncommon for individuals to try to handle everything on their own - from dealing with the insurance company to seeking medical treatment. They may avoid contacting an attorney out of an expectation that it is too expensive, time-consuming, or simply isn't necessary. However, there are several benefits to working with an attorney for a car accident claim. Here's what you need to know.

1. Understanding the Legal Process

The first benefit of working with an attorney is that they can help you understand the legal process. The process may seem confusing and overwhelming if you've never filed a car accident claim. An experienced attorney can guide you through each step, from filing the initial paperwork to going to court (if necessary). They can also answer any questions that may arise.

2. Maximizing Your Compensation

Another benefit of working with an attorney is that they can help you maximize your compensation. Insurance companies are known for low-balling claims and trying to pay the least amount possible. An experienced attorney will know how to negotiate with the insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve.

They may also be able to help you recover compensation beyond what your insurance policy provides. For example, if you've suffered severe injuries that have resulted in significant medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering, an attorney can help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

3. Protecting Your Rights

Finally, working with an attorney can help protect your rights. Insurance companies will often take advantage of victims not represented by an attorney. You may be pressured into giving a recorded statement or signing away your rights to certain types of compensation. An experienced car accident attorney will know how to deal with these tactics and protect your rights.

When you’ve been injured in a car accident, you don’t have to handle it alone. Our team at The Chopin Law Firm LLC can help you through the process. Call (504) 475-2429 today to discuss your options.

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