Determining Liability In Car Accident Cases

Legal matters can be complex and there are a number of difficulties that may arise that need to be considered. It’s important for individuals who have suffered injuries in car accidents to understand what they should expect moving forward.

One of the biggest factors to consider in a car accident is determining who may be liable for the crash. These are serious situations and in order to properly take legal action, knowing who is responsible for the damages sustained can help the injured seek compensation.

Holding a Negligent Driver Accountable

In many of the accident cases that are filed, it is a negligent driver who is most often liable for the damages sustained. Negligence comes in a number of forms and proving that the driver was reckless and caused the accident may rely on what action they did to be considered negligent.

Drivers may be negligent if they operate their vehicle in one or more of the following manners:

  • While fatigued

  • While intoxicated

  • While distracted

  • While under the influence of drugs

If the driver is the cause of the accident, the car accident case will most likely be filed against his or her insurance company and limits may determine the compensation the injured may seek.

When Is Another Party Responsible?

In car accidents, there may be other individuals or entities responsible for causing the crash. For instance, what happens when the collision is caused by a road danger such as a pothole, missing traffic light, or other problems? It may be the government entity responsible for maintenance who can be seen as liable for the crash.

In some situations, liability may fall on a manufacturer if the parts they produce are not safe or up to standard. For instance, in a situation where the brakes of a vehicle fail due to a defect, the manufacturer may be liable for any damages that ensue.

At The Chopin Law Firm LLP, our New Orleans car accident lawyers work hard to represent injured individuals after a negligence-related crash. If you’ve been harmed, trust that we’re ready to protect your best interests every step of the way.

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