What You Need to Know About Elevator Accidents

Elevator AccidentElevators are one of the oldest, quickest, and most reliable methods for transporting people and equipment. That being said, they’re not always safe. New Orleans residents were recently given a sobering reminder of the dangers of construction elevators that are not properly maintained. Recently, eleven construction workers at The Standard Condo Project in the Central Business District were trapped when the elevator failed and the safety did not engage, causing the car to fall seven to eight stories. Fortunately, there were no fatalities from this incident, although many of the workers were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Doug Castro from the Global Education Resource Alliance says that incidents like this are not common. “If it was the cable that failed, it should have arrested that car or elevator probably around the next floor,” he told WWL-TV Channel 4. The type of lifting device being used is known as a “hoist,” which is a specialized temporary elevator designed to travel up the outside of a building to the upper floors. Were the hoist working properly, even if the primary lifting cable were to snap, the safety protocols should have engaged, and the hoist should have come to a stop quickly.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched a thorough investigation into the incident to determine the cause, but the results may not be made public for up to six months. That means it could be a while before we find out whether a mechanical failure was at the root of the accident, or if human error may have played a role.

The construction company involved, Woodward Design + Build, L.L.C., has met with a third-party investigator to begin the process. Workers returned to the job site the following week, though it’s unclear if the hoist was repaired or if workers had to resort to different methods for getting from floor to floor.

Your Options in an Elevator Accident

This is not the only elevator accident in recent memory. At Chopin Law Firm, LLC, we are currently involved in a case with another client who was injured in an elevator accident in the state of Mississippi. With how many millions of people ride in elevators each day, their track record for safety is still impeccable. However, different factors could play a role in the event of a failure.

Elevators are required to be inspected periodically to make sure they are in good working order and all failure precautions are in place. However, if an elevator hasn’t been inspected in some time or the person conducting the inspection is not thorough, serious injuries can follow.

If you are injured in an elevator accident, there is obviously a lot to consider, which is why you need an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney on your side. If you are injured in an accident involving a lift or a hoist, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, including missed work, pain and suffering, medical treatment, and more! We always listen to our clients because we want to help them reach the best possible solution to their case, and we individually formulate our strategies based on their goals and ambitions.

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